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Sam Mintzer gentil lentil is both dope and a respectable exploration of a member of the legume family
small town witch
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small town witch Witchnipple is an interesting, mystic, cool and inspiring person, and really shows through with her artwork and this album. The songs are so divine and lovely, and give you some sense of a nostalgic and dreamy like vision. Twinges with sadness but it's so beautiful and artistic. My favorite song from it is art school hours! You should definitely listen to this album for a good time <|:^)) <3 Favorite track: art school hours.
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a buncha songs recorded on a rockband 3 microphone

witchnipple is

emily harter (Big Nip) - guitar bass drums vox synth banjo

charlotte hill (lil nip) - banjo synth vox on 'blood sucker', vox on 'in the basement w jimbo' and 'winter splinter'


released January 6, 2017

thank u to charlotte hill for all ur musical contributions to this ol album and for ur support along the way

thank u to corrine for listening to my bad demos

thank u to all the pville buds for keeping the diy spirit alive

thank u to lesbian satan for making me gay



all rights reserved


Witchnipple Pleasantville, New York

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Track Name: doing
the miles hang so heavy
the weight of entire seas
and i want to know how you're doing tonight
my gut is swollen and bleeding

nothings ever quite so bad
worry's presence is so aching
the rhythm of her threadbare tide
i spend all my time with her lately

and it wont be long
til i dont belong
and i feel like shit
but i am doing it

the marble ladies lounge around
inside their turquoise tower
im lost inside the darkest lens
you wont be up for six more hours

and it wont be long
til i dont belong
and i feel like shit
but i am doing it

and it wont be long
til we dont get along
and i know im a piece of shit
but im still doing it
Track Name: in the basement w/ jimbo
small is all i know
small town, small talk
everybody speaks to me i walk and walk and walk
i count the leaves on the trees, when they fall i count the trees
and sink into the lake eternally

minds are the hardest thing to make
ill knit seven sweaters 'fore i love you a day
and every real experience i ever knew
happened in a girl's candlelit room

im so good at being myself
but i'm not myself alone
im so good at being myself
but im not me anymore

this town makes me wanna die
i wont talk to anyone just drive and drive and drive
lets go north on the river
we'll find a house and live together

there was once a place i called my home
in the quiet dark
where i left my heart

im so good at being myself
but i'm not myself alone
im so good at being myself
but im not me anymore
Track Name: nervous and kind
pleasantville has ruined me
pure love has ruined me
i know how good the world can be
and the world is no good lately

its not the same
im not the same
i am aching and growing
i am stretching and swollen

and i do this alone
i do this alone

some songs only live in basements
some fires only burn in backyards
i am living on your front porch
i am crying in your arms

far from fields and forests
wine drunk spells and broken glass
i will leave this city
please be home when i get back
Track Name: gentil lentil
the studio walls are sloping down
i will clear my head now
of your chemical anger
of your thorny laughter

no matter how many days go by
weeks slip away wordless
im still a match u can burn
shake out when yr candles are lit

how long ago were we in your home
but you were gone before i left for chicago
still i took the train in
grinning like spring in august

i try my best to have some self respect
but truly this is just how i get
il be the match u can use up again
to light yr last cigarette

and we both know that this is the end
you have a hold on me so entirely
please just go while there's something left
i will burn by my own devices
Track Name: puke sink
i am so heavy
sleeping in your empty bed
a bath of saltwater gin
brackish bile falling from your fingertips

you are so heavy
resting your head on your best friend
i wish i was her would i were
anyone but me right now

im losing it
im losing it
it was never here

im a fool
for having thought
anything at all
crippled by wicks unlit
why finish what you never started

im losing it
im losing it
it was never here

i am hole-y
full and empty
breathless, ghostly
find me as you left me
Track Name: vashti bunyan
i feel thirteen
w/ skinned knees
the world was holding its breath

the clay is settling
help me finish this coffee
bc my hands are shaking

time moves so strange
and my way
is you've known me forever
if you've known me a day
Track Name: blood sucker
look at me
your sad devotee
the rudest leech
a bitter peach

flat backed supine
lying tied up in bed
waiting on
a bright shining omen

pierce the skin
watch my wounds draining
packed with salt-
stained cotton gauze

all i offer is weak
i can hardly breathe
hear my fucked up speech
couldnt conjure nothing

i stay suffering
and i wake up wondering
if i can do what i need to do
or find a way to see you

never rode my rusty bike
unknown closet fermentation
argonauts and foggy moths
up and slipped my mind

wail without learning words
only know these songs of home
dirty boys in dim basements
no sunsick lyric harpist

i stay suffering
and i wake up wondering
if i can do what i need to do
or find a way to see you
Track Name: art school hours
i think that the nighttime hours
have given me sad powers
stone fingertips bc
nobody needs them to be soft

all i want is here for me
i can fill volumes with sad stories
i do not looks at the hole in my head
and i know it will be filled

i will weave a tapestry
i will paint a masterpiece
i will make all i need
of salt of dirt of seed

i will glaze an ancient vase
i will stitch for seven days
if i can make all i need
will the need become me?

it makes them upset
how my effort seems so endless
the syruped stupor of inward crisis
left to my own restless devices

i look at my cards
and i count my lucky stars
what small distant light can glean
tired eyes in a city so mean
Track Name: winter splinter (the milk of our boiled love pt 2)
snow wont hold
frozen ground
downtown by our house
take the train now
and freeze on the way out

carry your burdens
your canvases and turpentines
my copper plates got left behind
but dont worry about me im fine

can i let you know how i am in the morning
the milk of my boiled love
carry me overseas thru sine wave catastrophes
the milk of my boiled love

the room has no scent to tell
all the oil's essentially spilled
cave's lit by salts rose glow
linoleum and dirt

traded aries loves for airy loaves and im beginning to get it
pure love is unromantic
shit's top of the wheel moon magic

can you call me when you get home
my swelling lymph node love
buoy your hibernation, sleep by your side
my swelling lymph node love

just let me know how you're doing
the milk of our boiled love
fills our heads and bodies
it will keep us warm
the milk of our boiled love